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Energy Conservation & Environmental  Engineering


Professional Energy Audit

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Energy Audit

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Professional Energy Audit



      Home inspection with Professional Engineers for of all energy related systems:

Includes measurement of insulation levels, window effects, building envelope, furnace performance and more, refrigeration efficiency, ventilation problems, phantom loads, in order to specify the best energy cost savings opportunities.

"Blower Door" test is also performed to measure outdoor air leakage and indicate how specifically to seal your home better. Air sealing upgrades that are often the most cost-effective improvements for the homeowner.

Energy Audit Report provides specifies and prioritizes the most cost-effective energy saving improvements. The written recommendations will be ready to show to installation contractors for them to give you accurate quotes and better service.

Consultation for specific concerns and questions raised by the homeowner, such as solving temperature comfort problems and finding the most efficient appliances.

J. Bollinger

Engineer John Bollinger demonstrating the Blower Door Test



To save you money and help our environment.