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Energy Conservation & Environmental  Engineering


Professional Energy Audit

Comprehensive Professional
Energy Audit

Engineering Problem Solving
and Design Optimization

Inspection Verification

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  Residential Engineering Services
Engineering Problem Solving and Design Optimization

Mechanical Engineering Consulting:

Perform testing and analysis to solve temperature comfort and Indoor Air Quality problems

Provide design drawings and equipment specifications, to ensure quality installation .

Upgrade your mechanical systems and the building envelope to be highly efficient, and closer to “Zero-Net-Energy,” and also more comfortable.

Registered professional engineer on staff



Green Building Consulting:

As you plan to remodel and upgrade your home, professional advice on green building improvements can give you a better design and more satisfying result.

Our staff is LEED Accredited Professional certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, certified by Built Green Colorado, and trained for Green Points of Boulder.


Solve difficult comfort and energy problems, such as poor air distribution throughout the house and insufficient heating & cooling.

Address Indoor Air Quality concerns by measurements and specified remediation, such as improved filtration and controlled outdoor fresh air.

Expand the heating & cooling system to a newly finished basement or addition, while improving its energy efficiency.

For more information:

· Built Green Colorado

· Green Points of Boulder

· U.S. Green Building Council



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Is your mechanical system reaching it's end of normal life?


To save you money and help our environment.