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The energy efficient Retro-commissioning* service adjusts, repairs and improves existing equipment and their controls, in order to improve comfprt and save energy costs..  By itself, Retro-commissioning involves no capital investment costs. Consequently, Retro-commissioning (RCx) is relatively low cost, enabling a very high return on investment rate.

Typical simple paybacks from RCx energy cost savings have frequently been less than 1 year, representing over a 100% return on investment.

The Best Combination:   When combined with energy saving capital improvements, identified by a Commercial Energy Audit, the retro-commissioning measures can provide the most complete and attractive energy upgrade package for the building owner.

Performance Guarantee:  ECE Engineering Services guarantees that our Retro-commissioning engineering investigation fees will always be less than one year of Retro-commissioning energy savings, when implemented.   (Thus, if ECE Engineering gets you started retro-commissioning your building a year earlier, then the engineering cost is essentially free.)



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Learn about Xcel Energy Retro-commissioning Rebates giving you up to 50% or 75% of the cost.

"Recommissioning" is very similar to "Retro-commissioning," and the terms are often used interchangeably.  The only difference is that “Retro-commissioning” applies to buildings that have never been commissioned before.

Phases of Retro-commissioning Services
The Retro-commissioning service plan typically consists of five main phases:

1.     “Retro-commissioning Screening Assessment” is an ECE Engineering visit to the site to determine if a Commercial Retro-commissioning service will be appropriate for you to pursue at this time.  Our engineer will walk through the main facilities, discuss energy cost and maintenance problems and inspect the utility billing.  Then ECE will describe the expected energy efficient Retro-commissioning project with building management to decide if and how to proceed.  The Commercial Energy Audit Screening Assessment is often done at the same time.  (This initial service is free of charge.)

2.      “Retro-commissioning Plan” provides the building management/owner with the expected basic plan to minimize the energy costs by repairing/replacing devices and by optimizing the controls.     ECE engineers will inspect most of the facility equipment and controls that consume significant energy.  The Preliminary Retro-commissioning Evaluation report will describe most of the energy savings retro-commissioning tasks that will be cost-effective

3.     “Comprehensive Retro-commissioning Investigation” report will specify precisely what steps and equipment will be needed to implement each Retro-commissioning Measure, (“REM”).  The Building Automation System (DDC) usually can trend-log actual performance of critical Input/Outputs.  Datalog devices may be temporarily installed to further measure equipment performance. The extensive inspections and monitoring of equipment/controls enable our engineers to provide accurate energy savings calculations for each proposed REM.  Installation costs are also estimated to enable financial analysis by the building manager.  The report will be ready to give to service contractors to facilitate their bid or quote to implement the REM upgrades.

4.     “Project Management Implementation” service enables the building management to save time and utilize a turn-keyprocess.  ECE Engineering Services, LLC can arrange and project manage the contractor jobs for the retro-commissioning upgrades.  Thus ECE can help ensure quality work and can simplify the process for the building management.
5.     “Retro-commissioning Verification Inspection and Report" helps to prove reliable performance and to better realize all the projected energy cost savings.  Being experienced in energy efficient retro-commissioning implementation, the ECE engineer can effectively inspect the upgrades and specify the required remediation where necessary.

Examples of ECE Retro-commissioning Projects 

J. C. Bollinger coordinated an Energy Team to initiate a “first pass” on retro-commissioning for approx. 2 million GSF of (IBM) facility in Boulder.  The one year program resulted in approx. $450,000 per year energy savings in 2002, for only a $300,000 total implementation cost. The maintenance savings and comfort/reliability improvements can often be valued even more than the energy cost savings.

ECE Engineering and J.C.Bollinger performed three Xcel sponsored RCx projects for 13 buildings (IBM RCx phases 1, 2 & 3) yielded approximately $395,000 annual savings for $73,000 implementation cost, with a simple payback period of approx. 0.2 years or 500% ROI.  (2003 & 2005)

Retro-commissioning engineering work was performed by J.C.Bollinger as lead RCx engineer under contract with JCI in 2004, for three building complexes, totaling approx 1.4 million GSF.  Total energy savings were over $300,000 annually.

To save you money and help our environment.