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Commercial Energy Audits

The purpose of the Comprehensive Energy Audit is to provide the commercial building management with a financially beneficial plan to reduce their energy & maintenance costs by installing high efficiency equipment.

Performance Guarantee:  ECE Engineering Services guarantees that our Comprehensive Energy Audit engineering fees will be less than one year of the projected energy savings, when implemented.

Thus, if ECE Engineering gets you started upgrading your building’s energy efficiency a year earlier, the engineering cost is essentially free.

The Comprehensive Energy Audit / Upgrade service plan typically consists of four main phases, (noting that the service can be customized to our client’s individual needs).


Commercial Energy Audits


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The Comprehensive Energy Audit / Upgrade service plan typically consists of four main phases:

Screening Assessment is an ECE Engineering visit to the site to determine if an Energy Audit would be appropriate for you to pursue at this time. Our engineer will walk through the main facilities, discuss energy cost problems and inspect the utility billing. Then ECE will describe the expected energy project with building management to decide if and how to proceed. The Retro-commissioning Screening Assessment is often done at the same time. (This initial service is free of charge.)

Basic Commercial Energy Audit provides the building management/owner with the expected basic plan to minimize the energy costs. ECE engineers will briefly inspect most of the facility equipment and controls that consume significant energy.  The Preliminary Energy Audit report will describe the cost-effective Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM’s) to install, and will give a magnitude of their energy savings and installation costs.   Building management will meeting with ECE Engineers regarding the Basic Energy Audit report, and thus help prioritize the EEM’s for the Comprehensive Energy Audit.

Comprehensive Commercial Energy Audit reports to building management the specified installation designs that have been thoroughly researched and inspected to provide cost-effective energy savings.   Detailed inspections and monitoring of equipment/controls will enable our engineers to provide accurate energy savings calculations for the proposed installations. A report attachment of Installation Cost Estimates shall be given for each EEM for budgetary purposes. The report will be ready to give to installation contractors for bid.

Verification Inspection and Report are necessary to prove reliable performance and to know that energy cost savings will result. Being experienced in the particular type of energy upgrade installations, ECE engineers can effectively inspect the upgrades and specify the required remediation where necessary.


To save you money and help our environment.